Dunya follows a number of beings moving through two interconnected virtual spaces, their behaviour guided by their interactions with one another. Events transpiring in one space inform the other, and vice versa. 

Dunya is part of an ongoing mystic investigation into meaning-production. The project considers how mythology, narrative and play are employed to understand a system whose workings we cannot immediately grasp.

Dunya is also a generative work of fantasy, a would-be epic poem of love, hate, death, mournful angels, ghosts adrift, and changing under the cycles of the moon.

Dunya was created in 2020 as part of my BFA thesis from Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. It was exhibited at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, which the "Swedenborgian room" in the 3D channel is modelled after. The work is a single Unity 3D program with two video outputs. The 3D channel was projected onto a wall and the 2D channel displayed on a wall mounted 4:3 monitor. Events of both "worlds" are connected in the code; for example, when a character in the 2D world dies and becomes a ghost, a ghost also spawns in the 3D space.

The exhibition also featured a physical counterpart to the sculpture seen in the virtual space: a concrete gateway with a mist diffuser and a small PLA figure of the Black-Boned Angel. The mist diffuser activated when any of the ghosts in the virtual space touched it.


Black-Boned Angel

Monna (Secretive Angel)

Silent Ghost

Little Ghost