for a self returning 
mostly memory

An unsent postcard, rediscovered in a book of poems, meticulously recreated as a digital environment. The impossibility of extending a two-dimensional image into three dimensions, the missing perspectives, visual glitches, the forensic guesswork making sense of out-of-focus background details. A flawed and artificial representation of a space where I have never been, a postcard from a time that I can't return to. Nostalgia, certain in its uncertainty, refuses to move on; it's a a false room to come back to, again and again. Memory construct impossible, unreal spaces, that yet have bearing on those who dwell in them - much like virtual space.

Installation shots from the UCLA Media Arts group show "Amid Tears", October 2022. Artworks in background by Krista Ramirez-Villatoro, Maya Man and Tengchao Zhou

The title of the work refers to the poem "Anglais Mort รก Florence" by Wallace Stevens. For the show in the New Wight Gallery, the postcard from which the 3D environment was modelled was displayed alongside "The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens" (Vintage Books, 2nd Edition, 2015) and a cassette recorder playing a looped remix of "My Darling Forever" by Rosie & the Originals.