never 2 late

never 2 late was exhibited in Galleri Konstfack II in October of 2020 as my BFA thesis show.

if someone can convince me or even give me 1 real reason to not kill myself i'll show my boobs 
 Suicide is hard dude. I pussied it out of it after I put the gun to my head. That instinct to live, or will to survive, or whatever is called is one strong motherfucker. 

Wallahi I was playing this song yesterday as I held my piece to my head ready to end it. Hearing the pain in his voice is what reminded me of the pain I'd bring to people by going out. This song no lie saved my life yesterday. 

Everybody has felt like this at least once.. For me alot more lately 

This deep. As deep as my best friend. You left me behind bro. I still have the wounds in my heart. Sorry i wasnt there sorry i cared for you cause it hurts ma 4real.

Found quotes from message boards and YouTube comment sections. Recorded with free online speech synthesis onto looped cassette tape.


"im 2 sad 2 tell u" - hommage to Bas Jan Ader. Animated in Blender.

Room view (photographs by Erik Viklund):

Site-specific message board used to provide context and further references to the works in the exhibition "its never 2 late". Accessed by connecting to WLAN with visitor's own phones/computer.

Untitled audio installation, 4 channels, written in pureData and running on Raspberry Pi.

A sequence of notes in interval where each one is output to one out of four speakers at random. The sequence can't be heard in its entirety from any one point of the room; the listener is asked to move from one speaker to the other and form a melody in their memory.

Installation simulation: use arrow keys/WASD to move and listen to the notes being played through the different speakers.