Dreams in the Mary Kay

Dreams in the Mary Kay is a site-specific, immersive spatial installation created for the "Ox-Bow Goes to Hell" Halloween residency at Ox-Bow School of the Arts, Saugatuck, Michigan in October 2022.

The projection is an interactive Unity 3D program that tracks the camera to the viewer's gaze and head movement. The virtual 3D space is a surreal and distorted mirror of the physical room, populated by ghosts and haunted objects continuously appearing out of view of the camera. The room contains stick sculptures, torn up books, found objects, bottles of alcohol and various other offerings and trinkets. 

All sounds, images, sculptures and 3D models were produced on-site at Ox-Bow, in dialogue with the haunted Mary Kay cabin and the surrounding woods. Thanks to Madeleine Aguilar & her Noise Cart for additional sound and Juniper for barks. And a big thanks to Mac Akin and everyone at Ox-Bow for the opportunity.