n,o,w,h,e,r,e, is an idling simulation, an  occult digital unconscious, a meditation on virtual, physical and spiritual planes.

n,o,w,h,e,r,e, is a dual channel audiovisual piece, presented as an installation with readymade objects. In a gallery space arranged to isolate and immerse the viewer spatially, low-frequency sine wave drones create a sonic vacuum: a sense of silence though filled with overpowering sound, a sound without signifiers. 

The video, animated in a crude 3D style evoking older video games or low-budget CGI, shows uncanny characters "idling" in various urban and liminal environments, and a mysterious chat in which a number of characters pose existential questions for the digital realm.

The piece continues off of my earlier work Dunya, using occult metaphors to highlight the tension between the virtual and the real, simulation and representation. In either divination, occultism or virtual reality, is it productive to speak of what is "real" and "not real"? Or should we instead talk about how, through metaphor and myth, we can understand and interpret processes, phenomena, subjects that might be hard or impossible for us to rationally grasp?